Amber Rose Slammed For Advising Women To “Seduce” Men For Money

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amber rose men money

By Michael Lewittes |

amber rose men money

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Amber Rose is getting slammed on Twitter for giving women such financial advice as learning “how to seduce a man” for money. And now Rose is responding to the avalanche of criticism.

It all started on Thursday when Rose tweeted a link to a Time interview in which she discussed her financial advice from her book “How To Be A Bad B****.” After explaining to the magazine that she’s in a “position to give advice to women because I’ve made all of these mistakes,” including not having money to pay her taxes, Rose suggests women shouldn’t be afraid to use men for money.

“A lot of women don’t know how to seduce a man. It is extremely easy once you get to that point, and you can get anything you want out of them,” Rose tells Time, adding, “I know it might sound messed up, but once you get to that point, it’s not using… It’s literally getting what you want by any means necessary.”

Shortly after Rose tweeted the link to the article, Twitter users were quick to bash her as a “gold digger,” with some noting that her advice was “anti-feminist” and “not empowering.” The one-time stripper turned model responded, “Lol y’all are so Corny,” before asking, “So it’s wrong to ask ur ‘Significant other’ (The person u care about) to help u financially so u can reach ur goal?”

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