Amber Heard Friend iO Tillett Wright: Johnny Depp Abused Her, “I Saw Bruises”

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Amber Heard Friend iO Tillett Wright Johnny Depp Abuse

By Andrew Shuster |

Amber Heard Friend iO Tillett Wright Johnny Depp Abuse

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Amber Heard’s friend, photographer iO Tillett Wright, claims she was on the phone with the actress when Johnny Depp allegedly “hit her.” Wright further says she “heard her scream” during the alleged assault and later “saw the bruises” on Heard’s face.

As Gossip Cop reported, two doormen working in the Los Angeles apartment building where the estranged couple lived claimed they didn’t see any bruises on Heard’s face following Depp’s alleged domestic abuse last month. But in response to their claims, Wright tweeted, “BULLSH*T. I’ve had enough. I saw the bruises. Many times. And the fat lip. And the cut head.” She added, “How much evidence does a woman need to present?! She has photos, texts, witnesses, and filed a restraining order.”

Wright further questioned the validity of the witnesses statements, writing, “But no…a neighbor asked a doorman and talked to TMZ and THAT is headline news and serves as ‘evidence’?! Dear neighbor – SHAME ON YOU.” The photographer also insisted that Heard is the victim of a “witch hunt,” before claiming, “I was on the f***ing phone when he hit her. I HEARD HER SCREAM. I will testify. Here and in court. Under oath. WHAT ELSE DOES A WOMAN NEED?”

And in regard to Depp having no prior history of domestic abuse, as well as the actor’s ex-girlfriend of 14 years, Vanessa Paradis, refuting Heard’s claims, Wright argued, “Someone doesn’t need to be violent towards everyone in their life for them to be violent toward one person. Text book.” Gossip Cop will continue to have updates.

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