Amanda Seyfried, Marlon Wayans And Jason Derulo Play “Catchphrase” With Jimmy Fallon On Tonight Show (VIDEO)

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Amanda Seyfried Catchphrase Tonight Show

By Minyvonne Burke |

Amanda Seyfried Catchphrase Tonight Show

(Tonight Show)

Amanda Seyfried, Jason Derulo and Marlon Wayans played a hilarious game of “Catchphrase” with Jimmy Fallon on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Seyfried and Fallon were on one team, while Derulo and Wayans paired up for the second team. Watch the video below.

The segment started off with Fallon explaining how “Catchphrase” works: each person tries to get their partner to guess the word or phrase on the card they’re holding as quickly as possible. Whoever is holding the button when the buzzer goes off, loses that round for their team.

Before the game even gets started, Marlon jokingly tells Derulo he didn’t understand a word Fallon said. He also asks the singer how well he did in school. “Pretty good, pretty good,” replies Derulo. Even though Wayans says he didn’t quite understand the rules, he perfectly describes the first clue, “brain freeze,” for his partner. “I ate ice cream and it makes you do this,” says Wayans making a funny face. Within seconds Derulo guesses the phrase. The two guys went on to beat Seyfried and Fallon in the first round.

In round two, things get really funny when Fallon tries to describe the clue, “bromance,” to Seyfried. “Two dudes, are like best… more than best friends,” explains Fallon, adding, “But they’re still just friends. Just friends… but they’re… it’s almost like a love thing happening between them.” Seyfried incorrectly yells “homosexual,” but eventually guesses “bromance”

Next up is Wayans, who tries to describe the phrase “Farmer’s tan” to Derulo. “I don’t know what this is,” says Wayans laughing. “White guys get this when they go skiing. White guys get this. Black people don’t get this. We were born this way.” To see if Derulo correctly guesses “Farmer’s tan,” and to see which team won “Catchphrase,” check out the video below.


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