Are Amal and George Clooney having twins again? That's what one of this week's tabloids is reporting. Not only is there nothing to indicate it's true, but this is coming from a magazine that made the exact same claim one year ago.

The latest issue of OK! maintains the Clooneys are "getting ready to welcome two more babies." The outlet then blathers about how there was "speculation that they might be getting a divorce... but that couldn't be further than the truth." Curiously, the tabloid leaves out how it was actually the source of the untrue speculation about George and Amal being on the verge of a split amid marriage problems. Gossip Cop shot down that complete falsehood back in February.

So now that we've established the magazine has previously and wrongly alleged the Clooneys were having twins again and glossed over how it manufactured the phony narrative about them divorcing, let's examine the publication's current tall tale. This time around the outlet claims it has an "insider" who says, "Friends are whispering that Amal is expecting again." Of course, real "friends" of the couple wouldn't blab to an often discredited tabloid, and a real "insider" wouldn't have to hide behind such vague verbiage as "friends are whispering." He or she would know definitively whether the human rights attorney is pregnant or not.

Next, the outlet asserts that while recently attending a U.N. gala with her movie star husband, Amal was supposedly "sporting what appeared to be a tiny baby bump." To lend credence to its guesswork, the publication's unnamed, untraceable and seemingly fabricated "insider" is quoted as noncommittally contending, "Amal is said to be a little more than three months along." Naturally, the magazine doesn't share who "said" she's past her first trimester.

However, in photos of George and Amal leaving the U.N. event in New York on December 5, the attorney doesn't appear pregnant. In fact, Amal looks particularly svelte at the Nobel Peace Prize Award ceremony in Oslo five days later. And both she and George have been vocal about not having more kids after the birth of Ella and Alexander in June 2017.

In a wide-ranging Hollywood Reporter interview in September 2017 with George and Amal at their home in Italy, when asked whether they would have more kids, the renowned lawyer said, "I'm 39... I already had them quite late." Just a month later while on "Extra," George said he was "done" having more kids after the twins. Neither has even hinted in the intervening year-plus that they've changed their minds.

As noted above, Gossip Cop busted OK! when it wrongly maintained in December 2017 that George and Amal were expecting twins again. It was false then, and it still is. And while other tabloids like New Idea regurgitated the latest story without bothering to fact-check, it doesn't make it any more accurate either. When we asked about the Clooneys having another set of twins last year, a rep for the couple assured us it was "not true." Gossip Cop has once again reached out for a comment.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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