Amal Clooney did not "reject" a "peace offering" from Angelina Jolie, nor did the Oscar winner extend an "olive branch" to the human rights lawyer. These are false claims being spread online by two sister outlets. And now Gossip Cop can expose them both.

On its website, Star is announcing, "Dissed! Amal Clooney Rejects Angelina Jolie's Peace Offering." In the article, the tabloid declares, "Amal Clooney does not want to be friends with Angelina Jolie. George Clooney's wife has snubbed mother-of-six Jolie after she reached-out to her." According to the gossip magazine, the actress "tried to mend their friendship," but Clooney was "not interested." A so-called "insider" is quoted as saying, "Angie went out of her way to try and mend fences, reasoning there's a lot of water under the bridge and life's too short for petty grudges. But Amal was bemused at the suggestions she would want to socialize with a woman she barely knows - let alone has any respect for! She turned her down flat!"

For a similarly-written story, RadarOnline is blaring, "Cold Shoulder: No Thanks! Amal Clooney Snubs Angelina Jolie's Olive Branch For Friendship." The post is penned almost the exact same way, with the subtlest of word changes. For instance, instead of just "George Clooney's wife," as Star says, this piece uses the phrase, "George's Clooney's British lawyer wife." But line by line, the claims are the same. Like its print counterpart, the webloid goes on to assert, "This snub infuriated Jolie who thought that her approach would be warmly welcomed at a time when she admitted that her divorce from Brad Pitt has been very difficult." And both outlets quote the "insider" as claiming, "She's got no idea why Amal and George for that matter have an issue with her. Angie wanted them to be friends since they have so much in common and Brad's not standing in the way anymore. But now she accepts it's not going to happen."

Absurdly, RadarOnline ends its version by saying, "To make matters worse the Clooneys were recently photographed with Matt Damon and his wife Luciana Barroso in Italy recently," as if the actors promoting a movie with their spouses should have any bearing on Jolie. More importantly, though, is that both publications are peddling the same allegations because they were seemingly made up by the same company, in which the staffs of its individual outlets apparently share resources, including manufactured claims. Though the tabloids have spent years trying to push a Jolie-Clooney feud narrative simply because the women aren't close friends, there's no truth to these two new stories about the movie star extending a "peace offering" and "olive branch," only to be "rejected" and "snubbed" by the attorney. A rep for the Clooneys even confirms to Gossip Cop that the articles have no merit and are fictional.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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