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Amal Clooney Not Pregnant Again

(Life and Style)

Amal Clooney is not "pregnant again," despite a tabloid cover story. The report alleges she and George Clooney are already expecting another child after just welcoming twins in May. But the claims are completely fabricated, Gossip Cop confirms with the couple's spokesperson.

The cover of Life & Style is falsely announcing, "George & Amal Shocker: Pregnant Again!" Inside the issue, the tabloid also wrongly asserts, "Friends claim that three months after their twins' arrival, George and Amal Clooney have big family news." In truth, the only "big family news" right now is that the couple just stepped out at the Venice Film Festival for their first red carpet since the twins were born, and the actor has spoken in several recent interviews about life as a dad. These contentions about a new pregnancy are nonsense, but were manufactured simply because the Clooneys are back in the spotlight right now. In fact, the gossip magazine claims that Amal's dress at the film festival "masked what looks like a growing baby bump," even though no reputable outlets made the same conclusions in the 10 days since the event.

To back up its assumption, the publication quotes a so-called "close friend," who contends Amal has "the same symptoms she had when she learned she was pregnant the first time. She's eating like crazy and is more emotional than normal." Of course, if the human-rights lawyer really was showing pregnancy "symptoms," no "close friend" would be divulging that to a gossip magazine. Furthermore, it's expected that a breastfeeding mother would be hungry and hormonal. There's nothing suspicious about Amal supposedly eating a lot and being emotional, as most women are post-partum.

Similarly, the outlet alleges "another sign" of a second pregnancy is that George has "never been more protective" of his wife. Well, of course he's protective. This is the love of his life and the mother of his children, who also happens to be caught in political crosshairs due to her work on controversial human rights cases. And, given the recent security breach at their home in Italy by a paparazzo, he understandably wants to keep his family safe. But none of that has anything to do with having a new baby on the way.

The tabloid, maintaining that "friends believe [Amal's] still in the very early stages of pregnancy," continues going down its rabbit hole by citing medical experts, who predict another set of twins are likely on the way. But statistics about pregnancies and supposed beliefs from pals do not serve as actual evidence that the Clooneys "may soon be parenting four kids under the age of 2," as the magazine claims. And the aforementioned "friend" isn't even sure that's the case, merely saying George "would be thrilled if Amal is indeed pregnant." Well, she's not, and this cover story was crafted just to sell copies.

A rep for the Clooneys exclusively tells Gossip Cop they are not expecting again. And just to put a final nail in this article's coffin, don't forget that Life & Style falsely claimed Amal was pregnant in 2014, and then wrongly alleged in 2015 that George was ready to divorce. We rest our case.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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