Amal Clooney NOT A “Hollywood Phony,” Despite Report

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Amal Clooney Hollywood George

By Michael Lewittes |

Amal Clooney Hollywood George

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Amal Clooney is not “another Hollywood phony,” despite an absurd new story. Gossip Cop can correct a number of inaccuracies posted in a new webloid report that wrongly goes after lawyer wife of George Clooney.

The basic premise of the story from the often unreliable Celeb Dirty Laundry is that because Amal is spending time with her husband and his business partner (Rande Gerber and his wife Cindy Crawford) in Ibiza, Spain for the Casamigo Tequila launch, “she’s gone full Hollywood” Of course, had she not joined her husband for a few days, the miserable webloid would have published that Amal and George Clooney’s marriage is over.

At one point in the piece, the repeatedly wrong blog snipes that the “Clooneys are following in the footsteps of other great humanitarians who launched liquor brands – like Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. Oh wait, hmm… That’s not right. No great human rights lawyers or decent world leaders start up booze brands – or party in Ibiza.” Of course, in the midst of its snark, the silly site lost track of the fact that Amal is not the tequila company’s owner. Clooney launched it many years before he met his wife. But being factual has never been a prerequisite for a CDL story.

For instance, the webloid says Amal is “far from” having a “great legal mind.” On the contrary, she graduated from Oxford University and attended the highly ranked New York University School of Law. Additionally, she recently taught at Columbia Law School. Gossip Cop is going to venture that no one from the webloid attended or taught at either prestigious law school. And chances are, the only Oxford the staffers at CDL are familiar with are the type with collars and seven buttons.

As if the webloid hadn’t already embarrassed itself, it then wrongly claimed that part of Amal going Hollywood is “trying to land a gig to replace” Donald Trump at “Celebrity Apprentice.” That rumor, much like the entirety of the site’s story, is completely untrue. Amal is absolutely not looking to host the NBC reality show.

Sometimes Gossip Cop thinks CDL couldn’t get a story right, even if we spotted them the R, I, G, H and T.

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Amal Clooney is a Hollywood phony.


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