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Did George Clooney dump Amal on their fifth wedding anniversary last year? That was what one tabloid reported at the time. Gossip Cop investigated the story when it came out, but we’re taking a look back at this narrative and what we found out about it.

George And Amal Clooney's Disastrous Wedding Anniversary

Last year, George and Amal Clooney spent their fifth wedding anniversary with friends Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber over a low-key dinner. However, according to New Idea, sometime after the dinner was over, George dumped Amal. The publication disclosed an argument between the Clooneys erupted and had pictures of the couple as proof that all wasn’t well in the Clooney household. From there, the magazine claimed the spouses didn’t want any paparazzi outside of their home because they were “hiding news” about their relationship as “tensions flared.”

George and Amal Hiding The Truth?

Gossip Cop would like to point out that a lot of celebrities don’t particularly care for the paparazzi lurking about their property at any time. New Idea further revealed Amal appeared to be crying in the photos used by the tabloid when she was getting in the car with her husband. The magazine seemed to suggest the couple fought before they were photographed.

All Is Well In The Clooney Household

Gossip Cop did some digging and found other photos of Amal and George Clooney from the night in question. And, it was no surprise that the pair looked to be enjoying each other’s company. New Idea simply tried to create a bogus narrative with one unflattering photo of Amal Clooney, but that wasn’t going to happen on our watch. A year has passed since the tale came out and the Clooneys are still together. Of course, we’ve corrected several other inaccurate narratives about what the Clooneys did for their fifth anniversary from American tabloids. The pair had an uncomplicated dinner with friends. That’s it.

What's Going In George And Amal's Marriage?

Gossip Cop is constantly debunking the idea that George and Amal Clooney’s marriage is in some sort of peril. For example, we recently busted the same tabloid for alleging Sofia Vergara proposed to George Clooney. The title alone had us scratching our heads since Vergara is married to Joe Manganiello. After some investigation, we saw the story was a classic bait and switch, as the narrative spoke about a movie “proposal.” It was ridiculous, even by tabloid standards.

Earlier this year, we corrected another phony report from the magazine that asserted George cheated with Meghan Markle. The magazine's cover suggested the actor had an affair with the duchess, yet the accompanying article spoke only about the two’s friendship. Once again, the tabloid tricked its readers with a silly and untrustworthy plot. Gossip Cop busted this phony piece as well.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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