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Often, rumors are spread about George and Amal Clooney’s marriage that Gossip Cop has looked into at various times. Last year, one tabloid suggested Amal was “grossed out” by her husband’s beard. We investigated the article at the time. Let’s take a peek back at this report and where the couple stands today.

George's Beard Came Between Him And Amal?

Last October, the National Enquirer asserted Amal Clooney was put off by George’s new beard. The tabloid stated the human rights lawyer was so disgusted by her husband’s gruff look that she gave him an ultimatum, “Lose the beard or lose your privileges with me.” While the statement seemed a bit harsh from our perspectives, Gossip Cop continued to look into the story.

The Clooneys Were Divided?

The tabloid then quoted an insider who revealed Amal thought George’s beard “aged him by decades” and made him “look like a lumberjack than the movie star she married.” The source continued that George had “no intention” of shaving the scruff and even joked to Amal that he wanted to let it grow wild “like his buddy David Letterman.” The insider added Amal was “appalled” by George’s remarks and she was so put off that she “didn’t want to kiss or hug” her husband. However, the Enquirer noted that the pair’s twins, Ella and Alexander, “loved” their father’s beard because they got to “pull on it and twist it into corkscrews” and he “loved to make them squeal by tickling their cheeks with it."

Not A Hair Came Between George And Amal Clooney, Here's The Truth

The paper’s story made it seem like the family was “divided” by the actor’s facial hair, but in reality that was never the case. From Gossip Cop’s investigation, the Enquirer’s story just came off as another attempt to cause drama between George and Amal Clooney. For further clarification, we ran the story by a source close to the couple who dismissed it. In regards to the couple’s relationship, the two are still very much together, which is a narrative we’ve corrected more times than we’d like to count. Besides, the couple have been married for six years and George clooney has often had a beard over that time, are we to believe it's only now that Amal thinks it's "gross"? What a silly report.

For instance, last June, the Enquirer asserted George and Amal Clooney were dating other people. The supermarket tabloid claimed the couple had become “swingers” in the midst of their marriage “deteriorating.” Gossip Cop busted the ridiculous story at the time. The couple was never seeing other people nor was their marriage in shambles.

Last September, we busted the same tabloid for alleging George and Amal Clooney were renewing their vows. The paper insisted the reason the two were having a second ceremony was for George to prove his “commitment’ to his wife. Gossip Cop corrected the phony narrative because there was never a second ceremony in the works, nor did George need to prove anything. In short, the Clooneys are doing just fine.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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