Amal Clooney is being body-shamed two months after giving birth to twins. Celebrities and notable figures are often ridiculed for not losing weight quickly after having children. But a certain webloid is calling out the human rights attorney for being too skinny.

In a sensational headline, RadarOnline is blaring on Friday, "SHOCKING PHOTOS: Extreme Diet? Amal Looks Skeletal Just Weeks After Giving Birth To Clooney Twins!" Alongside pictures of Clooney taking a walk with her actor husband after a tennis match in Italy, the site writes, "Amal looked thin as ever, just weeks after giving birth to twins Alexander and Ella. Prompting rumors that she may be on an extreme post-baby weight loss diet, the human rights lawyer boasted a flawless yet oddly thin frame on her latest sporty outing with her famous hubby."

"Oddly, Amal looked slim and frail in her sporty ensemble. No remaining baby weight was apparent in her now stick-thin frame," the outlet continues, noting, "George too seemed off, as he flashed a shocked, cold look at the cameras while walking with his wife. The duo seemed to want to avoid attention as they left the court."

You think? Like most famous couples, the Clooneys don't like being followed by paparazzi. It's no wonder George appeared unhappy. As for his wife, there was nothing "odd" about her appearance, despite the online publication using that description twice. While this story is written as if Clooney only gave birth just a few "weeks" ago, the twins actually arrived on June 6, nearly 12 weeks ago. That's more than just a few. And at nearly three months post-partum, it is not unreasonable that the attorney is back to her normally slim frame.

She by no means look "skeletal," and there is nothing "shocking" about the photos. RadarOnline shamefully wanted a clickbait approach to the latest snapshots of the couple, and grossly decided Clooney's body should be the angle. The webloid even asks readers at the end, "What do you think of Amal's extreme weight loss? Do you think the pair is doing okay after welcoming their twins?" Here's another question: Why would random people on the Internet know whether the Clooneys are doing okay?

For the record, they are. But at issue is the site's fake concern. The outlet didn't post these photos because they were genuinely worried Clooney was on an "extreme post-baby weight loss diet." They wanted traffic. And if the lawyer was still on the heavier side, the publication would've claimed she was struggling to lose weight. There's no way to win. This is the same webloid that body-shamed Tori Spelling for gaining weight after body-shaming her for being too skinny. RadarOnline remains disgusting.

Our Verdict

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