Amal Clooney “Actor’s Wife”: Associated Press Slammed For Tweet About Human Rights Lawyer (PHOTOS)

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Amal Clooney Actor's Wife Associated Press

By Shari Weiss |

Amal Clooney Actor's Wife Associated Press

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The Associated Press is getting slammed for sending a tweet that referred to Amal Clooney as “actor’s wife,” despite her successful career as a human rights lawyer. See screengrabs below.

Shortly after 4 a.m. Eastern time on Saturday, the official “@AP” account tweeted, “Amal Clooney, actor’s wife, representing Al-Jazeera journalist accused in Egypt of ties to extremists.” Of course, her involvement in the case has nothing to do with being married to George Clooney. And a number of Twitter users ripped the Associated Press for the characterization.

“Hey, @AP, unless you plan on referring to George as ‘lawyer’s husband,’STOP IT,” replied one follower. Another asked, “how can people take you seriously? @AP what has her personal life to do with her work?” A different individual wanted to know, “Hey @AP, why is Amal Clooney referred to as ‘actor’s wife’ instead of internationally-renowned human rights lawyer?”

One Twitter user wrote, “amal clooney is amazing and shes achieved so much and yall still introduce her as george’s husband, BYE.” One person questioned, “Amal Clooney is accomplished as hell and you demean her work and lower her down to only her relationship with her husband?” Someone else posted, “‘Amal Clooney, actor’s wife’ EXCUSE ME @AP THIS IS RUDE.”

Another even wrote, “Let me fix that for AP: ‘Amal Clooney, lawyer.'” But there were some defenders of the description, such as the person who tweeted, “she’s known to the public primarily because she’s married to clooney, best way for ppl to indentify [sic] who that is.”

While the Associated Press hasn’t responded to the backlash, its follow-up tweet on the subject sent just over an hour later removed the “actor’s wife” reference, and instead only read, “Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney criticizes prison terms handed down to three Al-Jazeera English journalists.” Check out the contrasting tweets below, and tell us what you think.

Amal Clooney Associated Press Tweet 1


Amal Clooney Associated Press Tweet 2



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