Alyssa Milano: Melania Trump, Your Jewelry Could Feed The Poor

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Alyssa Milano Melania Trump Jewelry

By Shari Weiss |

Alyssa Milano Melania Trump Jewelry

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Alyssa Milano is calling out Melania Trump for the jewelry the First Lady is wearing in her official White House portrait. The star feels the money spent on such jewels could be used to help the poor instead. See the photo below.

On Monday, the White House released the first formal portrait of Trump. Taken in the private residence, it shows the former model wearing a black blazer with what appears to be a handkerchief or scarf around her neck. Very noticeable are the two rings on Trump’s hands, which are crossed at her waist. One is a diamond band, while the other is speculated to be the First Lady’s 25-carat engagement ring.

The photo prompted Milano to tweet on Tuesday, “You look beautiful but you could feed many of the impoverished in our country with your rings.” The actress’ point, of course, is that the presumed cost of such baubles could make a big difference if instead used to aid the poor.

Milano’s tweet received a mixed response, with one person sarcastically asking, “I am sure that you don’t have any expensive jewelry or clothes or cars right?” Others came to the star’s defense, noting her charitable giving. And this is not the first time she has pointed out Trump’s taste for the finer things in life contrasted with her new role as a public servant.

After the president’s joint address to Congress earlier this year, Milano tweeted, “Melania Trump wore a 10k beaded outfit tonight.” The “10k” was in reference to the reported price of the Michael Kors-designed ensemble. Milano was also among the stars who took issue with Trump on Twitter after her seemingly plagiarized Republican National Convention speech.

And Milano has not been shy about sharing her objections to Donald Trump. In fact, as Gossip Cop reported, on Presidents’ Day in February, Milano compared Trump’s tweets to quotes from former presidents. See below the portrait of First Lady Melania Trump that sparked her new tweet.

Melania Trump Official Portrait

(White House)

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