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One of this week's tabloids claims Alex Rodriguez hasn't proposed to Jennifer Lopez yet because he can't afford to buy her an engagement ring. The story is completely ridiculous. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk it.

It was reported last week that the former Yankee star is battling ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis over having to pay her $115,000 per month in child and spousal support. Rodriguez has been paying the hefty fee since their 2008 divorce, but apparently the arrangement was supposed to change when he retired from the Yankees in 2016, as he's now taking in significantly less income. He's reportedly offered to pay $20,000 per month, which is said to be at least double the monthly living expenses for his two daughters.

According to Woman's Day Australia, the situation is also preventing Rodriguez from getting down on one knee. The unreliable magazine says Lopez "has sufered a setback on any wedding dreams because of her boyfriend's dwindling fortune." An alleged insider tells the magazine, "Alex needs to get this mess figured out. He wants to go all-out with a knockout 'yes' ring that will cost him millions. And the nuptials will set him back another fortune, too."

The former MLB player, who's estimated to be worth around $300 million, isn't strapped for cash. In fact, Rodriguez and Lopez purchased a $15.3 million apartment in Manhattan earlier this year. It's safe to say that if the ex-Yankee can afford a multimillion-dollar penthouse, he can also afford an engagement ring. TMZ reported that the reason Rodriguez is battling his ex-wife over child and spousal support is because he believes she's been using his money to support her new child and fiance. He's also arguing that Scurtis has millions of dollars in the bank and chooses not to work.

Rodriguez may no longer be making Yankee money, but the real issue here is that he believes his ex-wife is misusing his child and spousal support payments, not that he can't afford to pay them. Regardless, the outlet's article is based on claims from an untraceable "source," but Gossip Cop checked in with Rodriguez's rep, who dismissed it as nonsense. A spokesperson qualified to speak on the former MLB star's behalf knows more about his finances and personal life than the tabloid's anonymous "insider."

It's worth noting, Woman's Day has already proven to have little insight into the relationship between the singer and former baseball player. Gossip Cop busted the tabloid in February for wrongly reporting that Lopez and Rodriguez would be getting married in Italy over the summer. That obviously didn't happen. This latest article is no more accurate.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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