Alex Rodriguez Confronting Casper Smart Over Jennifer Lopez Is Fake News

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Alex Rodriguez Casper Smart Jennifer Lopez

By Andrew Shuster |

Alex Rodriguez never confronted Casper Smart about keeping in contact with Jennifer Lopez, despite a phony tabloid report that Gossip Cop can exclusively correct.

Lopez has remained on friendly terms with the choreographer since their five-year relationship ended last summer, but a new In Touch article claims her current boyfriend is unhappy about their amicable set up. A supposed “source” tells the magazine that Rodriguez recently warned Smart “to stop texting and calling Jennifer,” and “made it very clear that he isn’t comfortable with them talking and that it needs to stop.”

The outlet’s dubious insider goes on to purport that the former MLB star also persuaded Lopez to cut off communication with her ex, and the singer agreed because “she likes that Alex is expressing how he feels and is a little bit jealous.” “It’s safe to say Jennifer and Casper won’t be chatting anymore,” adds the magazine’s seemingly phony source.

Gossip Cop, however, checked in with a rep for Rodriguez, who exclusively assures us the former Yankees player isn’t forbidding his girlfriend from communicating with her ex, and the claim otherwise is simply “not true.” Unfortunately, we’re not shocked by In Touch’s bogus report.

Gossip Cop previously busted the publication for wrongly reporting that Lopez and Rodriguez were signing a $760 million prenup. We also busted the tabloid for falsely claiming Rodriguez forces Lopez to wear sexy clothes. These reports are all untrue, and the publication clearly knows very little about the famous couple’s relationship.

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