Alex Boye America’s Got Talent Audition Video: Taylor Swift “Shake It Off” Cover Gets Standing Ovation — WATCH!

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Alex Boye America's Got Talent Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Alex Boye America's Got Talent Audition Video


Alex Boye and his band performed an awesome cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” that led to a standing ovation on Tuesday’s “America’s Got Talent.” Watch below!

Boye, who has a big YouTube following and has done his fair share of professional gigs over the last of 25 years, explained he likes to put an “African twist” on his music. “America is the land of opportunity. It’s the place where people come and follow their dreams,” he said. “This is the perfect avenue to be able to accomplish that.

“And my own show in Vegas, that’s a been a dream of my mind for so long,” continued Boye, “so this is a big moment.” He further told the judges, “My dream is to absolutely slay it with these incredible people, win our own Vegas show, and everyone coming to see us every single day, every week, and we put a smile on their faces.”

Those were some pretty lofty statements, but as soon as Boye and his group launched into Swift’s monster hit, the audience and panel were enamored. From the band’s dance moves to Boye jumping off the stage into a split, everyone seemed to eat it up, with Howie Mandel exclaiming, “Wow! I love that!” He and Heidi Klum both gave a standing ovation, and Mandel went on to tell Boye, “I stood up at the end. So did everybody. But I can’t ‘shake it off.’ In my six years here, this is my favorite music act ever. It really is.”

Klum called the band’s spirit “contagious,” and Mel B noted, “That definitely woke everybody up. You filled the whole room with your excited energy.” The Spice Girl continued, “I didn’t want it to stop. Thank you for auditioning today. It was brilliant.” Howard Stern even admitted, “I could watch you all day. It was terrific.”

The enthusiastic feedback made Boye well up with tears. And though the episode was taped earlier this year, Mandel was still just as excited about the act when he watched the broadcast. He even tweeted, “The only way to slay is with Tay! #ShakeItOff on @NBCAGT right now! @taylorswift13,” and went on to write, “#SlaylorSwift meet @AlexBoyeReal! Can we get a duet at @RadioCity? @TaylorSwift13.” Check out the full video below!


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