Alek Skarlatos Breaks Nose In “Dancing With The Stars” Rehearsal

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Alek Skarlatos Breaks Nose

By Shari Weiss |

Alek Skarlatos Breaks Nose

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Alek Skarlatos may have broken his nose in a “Dancing with the Stars” rehearsal on Monday, just hours before the live broadcast. A rep for the contestant could not yet confirm an actual fracture, but tells Gossip Cop, “Yes, he was injured.”

In advance of tonight’s “Switch-Up” show, Skarlatos was practicing with new partner Emma Slater when she reportedly hit him in the face with her elbow. The blow was apparently severe enough to send Skarlatos to the floor. Medics on the scene believe the contestant’s nose may have been broken in the accident, but x-rays will be conducted to confirm the fracture.

We’re told Skarlatos would need medical clearance to still be able to compete as scheduled, and they are waiting on a doctor’s official diagnosis. If permitted, he’ll likely be dancing through pain and with his face partially bandaged. Skarlatos’ normal partner, Lindsay Arnold, will be performing with Carlos PenaVega.

Last week, Skarlatos and Arnold performed a dance in tribute to the victims of the Umpqua Community College shooting. As Gossip Cop reported, he is a student there, and would’ve been at the school had he not been on “Dancing with the Stars.” He was actually in rehearsal during the time of the tragedy.

Skarlatos, of course, is best known as one of the “train heroes,” the three men who helped prevent a terrorist attack on board a train in France. One of his friends and fellow saviors, Spencer Stone, was injured during the incident, and is now back in the hospital after he was stabbed during a fight in Sacramento just last week. Skarlatos visited him over the weekend. His own injury was first reported by TMZ. Gossip Cop will have updates.

UPDATE: Skarlatos indeed broke his nose, but was given approval to perform as planned.


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