Alec Baldwin Crashes “Tonight Show” For Donald Trump Joke During “Thank You Notes”

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Alec Baldwin Thank You Notes

By Shari Weiss |

Alec Baldwin Thank You Notes


Alec Baldwin crashed “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Friday to make a joke about Donald Trump. The Emmy winner’s cameo came during the show’s weekly “Thank You Notes.” Check out the video below!

Every Friday, Fallon does a “Thank You Notes” segment in which he says he’s running behind on writing his weekly thank you notes, and asks the audience if they’d mind if he did it right then and there. The crowd, of course, always cheers in approval. The host then asks pianist James for some “thank you note writing music,” as the camera zooms in on The Roots member while Fallon and Steve Higgins try to get him to break his serious demeanor. He usually can’t last for long before a smile creeps out on his face. Fallon then writes out his thank you notes one by one, and they’re typically punny cultural observations and jokes about the week’s hot topics.

This time, Fallon began by stating, “Thank you, this week, for being a really awkward time to propose at an NFL game.” That, of course, was a reference to the controversy surrounding players kneeling. He went on to joke about the return of “Dateline” and Anthony Weiner’s “stiff” sentence when Baldwin suddenly walked out on stage. Then the studio really went wild. “Oh my goodness,” Fallon exclaimed as he joined the audience in a standing ovation. “That’s Alec Baldwin!”

The actor explained he came to write some of his own thank you notes, and Fallon ceded his desk spot to him. Baldwin then wrote for his note, “Thank you, Twitter, for raising your character limit to 280 this week, or as President Trump put it, ‘This news is huuuuuuuuuuge.'” After the crowd roared with laughter, Baldwin confirmed he’ll be on Saturday’s “SNL” season premiere “with host Ryan Gosling and musical guest Jazz!” Fallon then amusingly whispered into the star’s ear to let him know the correct pronunciation of “Jay Z.” Watch the funny video below!

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