Alec Baldwin: Donald Trump Is On “Suicide Mission”

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Donald Trump Alec Baldwin Suicide Mission

By Andrew Shuster |

Donald Trump Alec Baldwin Suicide Mission

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Alec Baldwin says Donald Trump is running the country like he’s on a “suicide mission” in a new interview about impersonating the president on “Saturday Night Live.” When it comes to offering his scathing opinion of the commander-in-chief, the actor doesn’t hold back. Baldwin also feels Trump will resign by the end of 2017.

Baldwin will return to play the president on the upcoming season of “SNL,” despite telling Vulture magazine Trump’s presidency is no longer a laughing matter. “The amusement factor, that’s gone now,” he says. “It’s just a nightmare, a living nightmare.” The actor adds, “He’s like a guy who is, like, ‘I would rather crash the plane into the ground than have the wrong people get their hands on it.’ It’s like a suicide mission, but the government is the vehicle.” Still, Baldwin acknowledges that mocking Trump “kind of assuages [people’s] fear and anxiety.”

Despite Baldwin and Trump both being prominent New Yorkers and tabloid magnets throughout the ’80s and ’90s, the actor notes that they didn’t cross paths too often. “No one knew him,” he reveals. “I always say Trump survived in New York because no one was close to him. He was never a dinner guest; he was never a tablemate. You never sat down and talked to Trump about what was on his mind. He was a drive-by figure.”

Baldwin also goes on to offer his opinion of Trump’s psyche, saying, “Many people I know feel with Trump that something is wrong with him neurologically, psychologically. That may be so. But I think more than anything, he doesn’t think things through.” The actor continues, “He ran for president out of spite, and he won because it’s rigged. And now he’s miserable. Now people spit on him and mock him, and his supporters are not his crowd. What is he going to do, go to a barbecue in West Virginia every day with a bunch of unemployed people?”

As for his own political ambitions, Baldwin offers, “I’d consider it if I thought I’d win. But I think Trump is going to slam the door on nontraditional candidates.” And finally, the actor makes his prediction about the future of Trump’s presidency. “I don’t think he’s going to make it till the end of the year,” he says. “I think he can’t take the ridicule. I think he’ll resign.”

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