Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump Impression Revenge For Kim Basinger Crush?

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Alec Baldwin Donald Trump Impression Revenge

By Shari Weiss |

Alec Baldwin Donald Trump Impression Revenge

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Is Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump impression revenge for Kim Basinger’s supposed crush on the President-elect? That’s the theory being floated by one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation.

A headline in this week’s National Enquirer announces, “Real Reason For Baldwin-Trump Feud Exposed!” It’s asserted in another teaser, “Grouchy actor holds grudge over ex-wife’s crush on future president!” And it’s alleged in the accompanying story, “Hothead Alec Baldwin’s sorry public jabs at President-elect Donald Trump are born from a bitterness he’s lugged around for decades.”

“Tragically, the ’30 Rock’ bully still fumes over then-girlfriend Kim Basinger chasing the budding billionaire in 1991 — and is now using ‘SNL’ to even the score,” claims the supermarket tabloid. It’s said, “The now ex-spouses were dating when Trump, identifying himself as the real estate mogul’s spokesman ‘John Miller,’ dished the blond bombshell tried to seduce him!”

The publication, which clearly admits that Trump was pretending to be “Miller” when he made this comment, quotes him as saying, “Actress just call [him] to see if they can go out with him and things.” It’s alleged Trump, as Miller, was referring to the likes of Madonna and Basinger, even though there’s no actual evidence that Basinger (or Madonna, for that matter) ever really made such a move. Still, the outlet contends a “still-jealous Alec is now bashing the president-elect at every turn.”

And, for good measure, the pro-Trump folks at the National Enquirer go on to claim that “the feud has taken a toll on the smart-Alec’s marriage to wife Hilaria.” Gossip Cop would argue that the gossip magazine’s fixation on Trump has taken a toll on its reporting, but then again, the outlet was never very good with celebrity news in the first place.

So, what about this revenge theory? Well, it’s telling that this is the first time it’s being suggested even though Baldwin has been portraying Trump for more than two months now. It also doesn’t make much sense that Baldwin would only just now be motivated to get his revenge when this supposed Basinger “crush” is from more than two decades ago.

And, far from blaming his dislike of Trump on a supposed issue with Basinger, the actor routinely spells out on Twitter the very serious political reasons he objects to the mogul’s presidency. Gossip Cop couldn’t find any hard evidence to back up the allegations that Basinger is the “reason” for Baldwin’s impression. It seems like the National Enquirer just came up with a way to make the actor seem petty. Ironically, that’s an insult often used to describe Trump himself.

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