Alec Baldwin Pens Emotional Tribute To “TV’s Greatest Host” David Letterman

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Alec Baldwin David Letterman essay

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alec baldwin david letterman essay

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Alec Baldwin wrote an emotional essay for the Huffington Post on Wednesday in which calls David Letterman “TV’s greatest host.” The actor notes that “after [Johnny] Carson left, it was difficult to imagine that someone fresh would appear on late night TV until [he] came along.”

Baldwin says that while other shows “weren’t all that interested in what you had to say,” Letterman always wanted his guests to participate on his program and “be entertaining.” The actor adds “Doing the show was never a chore. It was fun.” Baldwin continues, “Other shows and hosts had their moments, but Letterman seemed indefatigable and slightly nuts. Some of it didn’t work. But most of it did.”

Baldwin says his favorite experience on “Late Show” was when Letterman had him go on the roof of the Ed Sullivan Theatre in a snowmobile. “What did it mean? I didn’t think about it, really,” writes Baldwin, adding, “When you did Dave’s show, it just seemed to make sense.”

The actor also points out the retiring host could, at times, be “intimidating.” Baldwin admits, “Going on his show and matching wits with him is something few can pull off.”

Baldwin feels Americans have watched Letterman “grow and change” into a host skilled at going after people of power. “I don’t think mellowed is the word, because the aggression and bite were still there,” Baldwin says. “The difference was it wasn’t aimed at his guests, but at some hapless yet ultimately deserving target at large in the world,” writes Baldwin, mentioning Donald Trump and Dick Cheney. He adds, “Letterman has mastered it beyond any. Even Carson.”

“That’s what I will miss about Dave,” concludes Baldwin. “That’s what TV will be missing now: the cynical, bold, silly, unselfconscious, totally self-conscious nut from Indiana who became TV’s greatest host.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Wednesday will be David Letterman’s final “Late Show.” Will you be watching?


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