Whether it's true in the particular moment or not, Alec Baldwin often speaks like a man in complete control. His voice is assertive and his words are often very confident. When it comes to dealing with four little children, however, the assurance isn't quite there.

The popular actor and Academy Award nominee stopped by the Howard Stern Show this past week to discuss a wide variety of topics. During the chat, the subject of kids came up, and while he admitted he'll "probably" have another child with wife Hilaria Baldwin, he was also open about his own doubts and insecurities, as well as the challenges that come with being an older man with little children.

He told Stern, "It does catch up to you. I do walk in the kitchen every morning now, and my son Leo...(is) running around and I'm sitting there going, 'What am I going to do?'" He later continued, "I'm 62-years-old in April, and I have 4 little kids... All I know is my friend said I'm going to be at their commencement exercise for when they graduate from college and be like, 'What? Did they call his name? Did they call Leo?'"

Of course, this round of children isn't Alec Baldwin's first time at-bat. The entertainer famously had a daughter with ex-wife Kim Basinger back in 1995. He was in his mid-to-late 30s at the time and could have had a bit more of a conventional setup, had that Hollywood relationship not gone South and turned into a tabloid feeding frenzy.

Baldwin first met current wife Hilaria Baldwin (nee Thomas) back in 2011. She was working as a Yoga instructor. The couple became engaged in 2012, married later that year and their daughter Carmen was born in 2013. Brothers Rafael followed in 2015, Leonardo in 2016 and Romeo in 2018. She's tragically suffered two miscarriages in the time since and has been open about them in an effort to help others.

I'm sure Alec Baldwin never expected to have so many little kids in his early 60s, but most people wind up having something about their life that is unusual or unconventional. He seems like he's done a good job keeping a sense of humor about the situation and adapting to what life threw at him. In fact, in the same interview with Stern, the comedian said he keeps having kids because you "have to have something to spend your money on" and that he often looks at his son Leo "who is blond and blue-eyed" and "ripped with a Tarzan body" and wonders how he could possibly be his father.

Baldwin has been perhaps best known in recent years for his appearances on Saturday Night Live playing Donald Trump. He can be seen next opposite Antonio Banderas in a biopic called Lamborghini set to be released in 2020.


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