Alec Baldwin Slammed For Politicizing Carrie Fisher’s Death With Donald Trump Diss

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Alec Baldwin Carrie Fisher Death Tweet

By Shari Weiss |

Alec Baldwin Carrie Fisher Death Tweet

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Alec Baldwin is getting slammed for politicizing Carrie Fisher’s death with a Donald Trump diss.

As Gossip Cop reported, Fisher died on Tuesday morning at age 60, days after she suffered a heart attack. On Tuesday night, Baldwin tweeted, “Death comes in threes. Carrie Fisher George Michael The integrity of the Oval Office.” While the message has been “liked” more than 2,000 times, the frequent Trump critic is also getting some backlash for the remark.

@MichaelAFoote tweeted in reply, “SUCH bad taste.” @JoeC1776 said, “Another idiot that had to politicize someones death instead of just saying R.I.P. Carrie! I guess that’s too much to ask!” And @Pastorxdro wrote back, “love that your trying to make a funny but too early.”

‏@yvetoro responded, “2 human beings lost their lives. Why make it political. Tacky and tasteless!” @Shickee shot back, “Pretty tacky that you linked their deaths to politics. BTW, the integrity of the Oval Office was lost 8 years ago.” @irgator04 simply expressed, “too soon.”

And @sugarjohnson302 commented, “Wow. That was deep. Such class politicizing someone’s passing. Smh.” But Baldwin didn’t receive only disapproval. In fact, @PommyGooner tweeted to the actor, “ha.. i imagine George and Carrie would have approved massively of that. Well played, they would have been proud I’m sure.”

Baldwin, of course, is currently in the midst of portraying Trump on “SNL,” and he appeared with Fisher on “30 Rock.” He’s not the first to be accused of wrongly using a celebrity’s death to make a dig about the president-elect. Earlier this month, Lisa Edelstein was blasted for saying Alan Thicke died to avoid Trump’s presidency.


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