Albert Brooks Mocks Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Domestic Violence Controversy

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Albert Brooks Johnny Depp Amber Heard

By Andrew Shuster |

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Albert Brooks mocked the controversy surrounding Amber Heard’s domestic violence allegations against Johnny Depp on Tuesday. Many of the comedian’s Twitter followers are now slamming him for poking fun at such a serious situation.

As Gossip Cop reported, Heard filed for divorce from the actor last week, and on Friday, she obtained a restraining order after claiming Depp had been physically abusive throughout their 15-month marriage. Depp’s camp has vehemently denied the allegations, but Heard’s attorneys maintain she’s telling the truth.

And hours after the actress’ lawyers released a new statement about the situation, Brooks tweeted, “Rumor: Amber Heard to star in Alice Threw the Looking Glass.” He was, of course, skewering the title of Depp’s new movie Alice Through the Looking Glass, while also presumably referring to Heard’s allegation that Depp threw an iPhone at her face. She also claimed that he broke glass throughout their apartment.

Brooks’ off-color joke received mostly negative feedback from his fans, with one follower commenting, “You’ve been my hero for decades, but joking about domestic violence might end that.” Another person said, “I expected more than jokes about potential domestic violence from @AlbertBrooks. Disappointed,” while an additional follower wrote, “I’d re-think this one.”

Another one of Brooks’ fans pointed out, “You’re an intelligent, creative, talented man who has created some of the most memorable TV in history. You’re better than that.” There was also a person who expressed, “Be nice. Or at least nicer. A different individual offered, “Yeah, you’ll probably be deleting that one later.”

Brooks did respond to one of his online critics, though. After a follower tweeted to him, “Not your finest,” the actor-comedian admitted, “Not even close.” So far, though, the tweet remains up on his page.


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