Alanis Morissette Manager Admits Stealing Millions From Singer

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alanis morissette manager plea deal

By Michael Lewittes |

alanis morissette manager plea deal

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Alanis Morissette’s former manager Jonathan Schwartz admitted stealing $4.8 million from the singer, as part of a plea deal. As Gossip Cop reported in May 2016, Morissette filed a $15 million lawsuit against Schwartz and his company GSO Business Management when she realized that close to $5 million was missing from her investments.

GSO, in turn, sued Schwartz and insisted it was also in the dark about his embezzling, which it alleged was to pay for the former manager’s lavish lifestyle and gambling debts. At the time, Schwartz alleged he invested Morissette’s money, at her behest, in a marijuana growing business. But the singer denied his claim. And while Morissette dropped her suit against Schwartz when the two reached a settlement shortly after her filing, his legal problems didn’t end there.

On Wednesday, Schwartz agreed to plead guilty to wire fraud and filing a false tax return in exchange for a lighter sentence and dropping the charges of embezzlement. In addition to Morissette, Schwartz also acknowledged he fleeced two more clients (though not named) of an additional $1.7 million, which he similarly attempted to cover up by claiming the money was used for “expenses.”

While Schwartz could face up to 23 years in prison, his plea deal seeks a much lighter sentence of four to six year behind bars. Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for Morissette. The singer has not commented on social media about her former manager admitting his crimes.

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