Al Roker, Jenna Bush Prank Call Laura Bush – Watch “Today” Show Video

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Laura Bush Prank Call

By Shari Weiss |

Laura Bush Prank Call


What’s it like to prank call a First Lady? Al Roker found out when he called Jenna Bush Hager‘s mom, Laura Bush, during the “Today” show on Tuesday. Watch the funny video below!

Joined by Sheinelle Jones, they placed the call during a commercial break but watched it back live on-air. Jones and Roker immediately made it clear this was Hager’s idea, not theirs. “I wanna have fun, so we prank-called somebody that I know well, my mom, but I had Al do it,” she explained as Jones tried to contain her laughter.

The footage showed Roker taking on a Southern accent when the unsuspecting Bush answered the phone. “We’re doing a random survey right now,” he told her, “checking out on whether your refrigerator’s running right now. Is your refrigerator running, ma’am?” The former First Lady, however, was hip to that old trick and promptly hung up the phone.

But Hager wasn’t giving up. She called her mom back and tried putting on an accent of her own, only for her mother to admonish her, “Jenna, would you quit being so silly?!” Roker then yelled into the phone, “She made me do that, Mrs. Bush!” Jones exclaimed, “Hi, mom! I’ve always wanted to meet you!”

After watching the footage back, Roker hilariously quipped, “I’ve never prank-called a First Lady before!” Bush was satisfied, saying, “It was fun to go back to seventh grade for a moment.” She added, “By the way, how many people can say they were pranked by Al Roker, asking if your refrigerator is running?” Well, we now know at least one.

This group is known for having fun during the 9 a.m. hour of the “Today” show. As Gossip Cop reported last December, Hager almost dropped an F-bomb when she and Jones were scared on-air. Check out their latest hijinks below!

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