Al Roker, Billy Bush Make Up After Ryan Lochte Fight (VIDEO)

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Al Roker Billy Bush Today Show Video

By Shari Weiss |

Al Roker Billy Bush Today Show Video


Al Roker and Billy Bush want everyone to know they’re “friends” in the wake of their “Today” show fight over Ryan Lochte going viral. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Roker and Bush had an on-air fight over Lochte on Friday’s “Today” show. The meteorologist repeatedly insisted that Lochte “lied” about his supposed robbery in Rio, while the former “Access Hollywood” anchor said the swimmer just messed up “some details.” Footage of the heated exchange went viral over the weekend, with many praising Roker’s tough stance.

Bush was formally welcomed into the “Today” fold on Monday as a new co-host of the third hour, and his first day entailed addressing the dust-up with Roker. It was Tamron Hall who actually brought up the intense social media reaction, leading the two men to laugh awkwardly. Roker said, “I think what happened, what people don’t know that (a) we’re friends, we’ve known each other for a long time, and this is what we do on this show. I think because [Lochte’s scandal] was such a big deal, people were paying more attention.”

For his part, Bush reiterated a defense he had made on Twitter after the original broadcast. “My goal was to — and I spoke with our boss ahead of time. I said my goal is to play a devil’s advocate here, just so we don’t have three opinions the same,” he said.

Bush still went on to again defend Lochte, saying, “There’s some things remain. There was a gun. There were people told to get on the ground. There was a badge of some kind … There’s still a couple of things up in the air. I wanted to raise those points.”

“In the end, if I’m guilty of something,” said Bush, “it’s not wanting America to look bad abroad.” He further said, though, that he felt badly Lochte’s saga painted Brazil in a bad light, but also declared Lochte’s controversy “over,” and said, “We love a comeback.” Check out the new video below.

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