Al Franken On Donald Trump, Jared Kushner: “What Did President Know And When Did Son-In-Law Tell Him?”

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The View Al Franken Video

By Shari Weiss |

The View Al Franken Video


Al Franken questioned Donald Trump and Jared Kushner’s alleged Russian dealings on “The View” on Tuesday. Check out the video below.

Franken was on the ABC talk show to promote his new book, but he was also asked about the report claiming Kushner sought a back-channel with the Russians. Of the continuing bombshells about Kushner’s alleged Russian ties, the senator commented, “These are coming fast and furious and there always seems to be something they haven’t disclosed on the disclosure forms. This bunch is not acting like people who have nothing to hide.”

“We may get to a point where the question is asked, what did the president know and when did his son-in-law tell him?” said the former “SNL” star. “We have to see where the facts ago.” But he is confidence the “facts” already point to Russian meddling with the presidential election. “We know that Russia did interfere with our campaign. They did it on the side against Hillary and for Trump. We know that,” he said, stressing, “The question is, did members of the Trump team meet with Russians and help in that enterprise?”

Franken was also asked about Trump’s trip overseas. The comedian-turned-politician said the aspect he found “very disturbing” was the president’s indication he wants to withdraw from the Paris Accord, despite the growing problem of climate changed. “This is an existential threat to the planet,” he declared. During the chat, Franken also discussed why he devoted a chapter to “toxic” Ted Cruz. Watch the full video below.


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