Aisha Tyler “The Talk” Last Episode Video – Watch Farewell Tribute, Goodbye Speech

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AIsha Tyler The Talk Goodbye

By Shari Weiss |

AIsha Tyler The Talk Goodbye


Aisha Tyler was treated to an emotional farewell on Friday’s “The Talk,” which marked her last episode as a co-host. Watch the video below.

Tyler announced in June that she was leaving the CBS talk show to focus on her other projects, including directing, voicing “Archer,” and hosting “Whose Line Is It Anyway.” The actress joined the series in its second season, and now timed her exit to coincide with the end of season seven. But while this is her last episode as a regular panelist, she plans to return in the future as a guest star.

A lot of tears were shed right at the top of the hour, as the crowd chanted, “We love Aisha!” With water welling in her eyes, she quipped, “Don’t make me cry this early in the show!” Julie Chen revealed Tyler surprised her colleagues with bracelets engraved with “f*ck with one of us, you f*ck with all of us,” which was a quote from Sharon Osbourne. They then went around the table so each could pay tribute to their co-star.

Sheryl Underwood thanked Aisha Tyler for helping her prove “two sisters can be on TV and get along and love each other.” With the tears now fully-flowing, Sara Gilbert cracked, “Man, I gotta start drinking.” She went on to call Tyler an “inspiring friend, the way you move through life.” Osbourne told her, “Of all the people I’ve worked with throughout my career, you have the best work ethic.” She also said for those “scraping” to uncover a scandalous reason for Tyler’s departure, “Keep on scraping, because there ain’t nothing to find!”

“You have raised my game,” Chen told her close friend. “You made me sit straighter, because I wanted to be worthy to sitting to your left.” After giving more praise, Chen announced, “I’m coming in for a touchy kiss, and this one is going on the lips!” From there, the show went back to its usual format, discussing popular topics and featuring Issa Rae is an interview. But the attention turned back to Tyler towards the end.

“My treasure of this show is my friendships with you guys,” she told her co-hosts while giving a goodbye speech. Crying again, she said what she’ll take from her time on the show is “how all of you made me every day want to be a better woman and a better friend and a better person.” Check out the videos below! NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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