Adele Shatters *NSync’s Single-Week U.S. Album Sales Record With ‘25’

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adele breaks record

By Michael Lewittes |

adele breaks record

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Adele’s new album 25 has officially broken *NSync’s single-week U.S. album sales record. According to Nielsen Music, in just a little more than three days, 25 has sold 2,433,000 albums. This already puts 25 ahead of *NSync’s record of 2,416,000 albums sold in one week for “No Strings Attached.”

*NSync held the record for 15 years, but the sales of Adele’s 25 will far eclipse that. With a little more than three days left in the album’s debut week, and thanks to holiday shopping, the sales for 25 are expected to grow much larger. UPDATE: In response to Adele’s accomplishment, the band’s Twitter account posted, “We officially say Bye Bye Bye as @Adele says Hello to the Record: Most Albums Sold In a Single Week Congrats!”

Not only has Adele broken *NSync’s record, but she has also officially outsold Taylor Swift’s 1989 for the year of 2015. As Gossip Cop reported, 25 sold 900,000 units on iTunes the day the album dropped, and is on track to beat Swift’s 1.74 million in album sales this year.

In a sure sign of the album’s success, Adele has already had a BBC special about new album, and she hosted “Saturday Night Live” the day after it was released. Additionally, her first single “Hello” has already become the subject of numerous covers and parodies. On last week’s “SNL,” the song was used in a sketch to calm down family members and friends fighting during Thanksgiving dinner.

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