Adele “Hypocrite” For Eating McDonald’s?

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Adele McDonald's

By Shari Weiss |

Adele McDonald's

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Is Adele a “hypocrite” for eating McDonald’s? That’s what one webloid is ridiculously asserting after the singer was spotted outside one of the chain’s restaurants.

“Fast Food Cover-Up! ‘Hypocrite’ Adele Goes Grocery Shopping After Getting Caught At McDonald’s,” reads a headline on RadarOnline. In the accompanying photo gallery, it’s said, “Adele was spotted grabbing healthy produce in a grocery store this week, just days after Radar caught her in a big fast food lie.” The piece goes on, “Adele had been telling fans all about her new workout and weight-loss regimen, but behind the scenes she’s busy gorging on unhealthy fast food!”

The site continues, “Adele was photographed trying to hide her dirty little secret after loading up on fast food at McDonald’s after her concert in L.A. on Aug. 13.” A supposed “eyewitness” is then quoted as telling sister publication OK!, “She arrived in a cavalcade of SUVs. It wasn’t exactly subtle. But she wouldn’t get out of her car and had her husband run in to get her food.”

The problem, according to the webloid, is that “just before she was caught with her fingers in the proverbial cookie jar, the 28-year-old singer was boasting to fans at her concert about going from never exercising to ‘trying to work out every day’ in a quest to kick-start a healthier lifestyle.” It’s further said that now “Adele doesn’t want fans to think she’s a hypocrite,” but that’s exactly how she’s being painted here.

Of course, there’s no proof that the food in question was actually for Adele, as opposed to her husband or other people in the “cavalcade of SUVs” with them. But even so, the singer shouldn’t be shamed for stopping at a McDonald’s while also trying to eat healthier. It doesn’t make her a “hypocrite.”

Rather, it makes her like many other people who eat both good food and bad, have cheat days, and don’t deprive themselves. And what Adele does or doesn’t eat, and when, is her own business. This isn’t a “McDonald’s mishap,” as RadarOnline puts it, and going grocery shopping after isn’t a “cover up.” It’s just the site trying to get readers to click through a photo gallery as it makes mean-spirited claims. If anyone should be shamed here, it’s Radar.

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