Adele Song “Hello” Resolves Thanksgiving Fights On ‘SNL’- WATCH VIDEO

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Adele Thanksgiving SNL

By Michael Lewittes |

Adele Thanksgiving SNL


Adele’s song “hello” resolves a number of fights during a Thanksgiving meal with family members and friends on “Saturday Night Live.” Watch the “SNL” video below!

Arguments break out about letting Syrians into the U.S. when someone says they’re “ISIS in disguise.” A black guest is asked why “your friends keep antagonizing the police,” and when the grandparents come to the Thanksgiving meal they make a number of inappropriate comments about transgender people. But just as the fights are getting more intense, a little girl plays Adele’s “Hello,” and suddenly everyone calms down and gets along. Also, Aidy Bryant is dressed to look like Adele in footage that resembles the music video of “Hello.”

“Saturday Night Live” has had a long history of having fun with Thanksgiving. In 1992, Adam Sandler sang a Thanksgiving song about turkeys, along bizarre pop culture references. Then, in 2004, Rachel Dratch’s “Debbie Downer” character ruined a family and friends Thanksgiving dinner with talk of disease, family loss, and assorted tragedies. Bobby Moynihan impersonated Guy Fieri in 2010 to offer Thanksgiving cooking tips, with every recipe containing tons and tons of alcohol.

Last year, the women of “SNL,” along with guest host Cameron Diaz, did a hilarious rap called “Back Home Baller.” Basically, the premise was that even though they’re now grown women, when they return to the parents’ homes for the days before and after Thanksgiving, they get their mommies and daddies to do whatever they want.

Check out the video below of Adele’s song “Hello” resolving fights during a Thanksgiving meal on “Saturday Night Live,” and tell us what you think.


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