Adele Glastonbury Swearing Reaction: Fans Tweet Disapproval Of Cursing

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Adele Glastonbury Swearing

By Michael Lewittes |

Adele Glastonbury Swearing

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Adele cursed more than 30 times during her performance Saturday night at the Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England, prompting fans to strongly react. What’s more, the singer acknowledged during her time on stage that she had even been warned not to swear by the BBC. Still, Adele dropped an F-bomb while singing her very first song, “Hello.”

While performing the hit, Adele stopped and told the audience, “You are f**king amazing.” And that was just the start of it. Her stream of expletives was so rampant, tons of people on Twitter commented on it. Some were amused by her swearing, but for the most part, fans were outraged. One fan tweeted, “Is it me or is Adele both embarrassing & rude? Stop talking so much & certainly stop swearing. Shan’t now show my daughter your show.” Another noted, “Skyfall really is Adele’s best She’s spoilt it though by all the swearing when talking. mins after inviting a little girl up on the stage!” And a third Twitter user felt, “Why does Adele always let herself down by swearing? It’s really not required…. #Glasto2016.”

Adele told the audience, at one point, “The BBC had to give me a warning about my potty mouth,” but apparently she didn’t give a… darn. The viewing audience, to a large extent, did. “I wish Adele could stop swearing. Such a beautiful singing voice but as she says potty mouth,” added another person on Twitter. One fan tweeted at her, “@Adele please stop swearing, there are children watching, as you very well know coz you just brought one on stage! #Glastonbury.” Another similarly wrote, “@Adele please stop swearing, you’ve just had a child on stage with you so you know there are children in the crowd.” One more fan begged, “Adele will you please stop swearing @GlastoLive #loveyou #timeandaplace.”

Meanwhile, some fans didn’t mind and even enjoyed all the cursing. “#AdeleAtGlastonbury If people didn’t like her swearing then why not turn off? I loved it.” “Adele needn’t bother with the music, I’d happily listen to her swearing and nattering for an hour,” added a supporter on Twitter. And one more tweeted, “Loving #Adele at #BBCGlasto – and especially the swearing!”

Adele has not commented on the cursing controversy. And the BBC has not issued a statement about all of her swearing.


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