Adele: “I Cried All Day” After Grammys Mess-up (VIDEO)

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Adele Ellen DeGeneres

By Michael Lewittes |


Adele admits on Thursday’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show” that she cried “pretty much all day” after her Grammys performance because of the audio issues. The singer also discusses how she suffers from stage fright “more than ever” now, and recorded a hilarious outgoing message from DeGeneres’ phone, playing off her hit “Hello.” See the videos below.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, there were issues with the sound while Adele sang “All I Ask” at Monday’s Grammy Awards after microphones that were placed by the accompanying piano toppled over. The singer addresses the sound problem with DeGeneres and says she was “embarrassed” afterwards and “cried” a lot.

Adele first recounts how rehearsals went smoothly, but when the mics fell onto the piano strings during the live awards show, it “threw the whole thing off.” The singer says she realized right away what the issue was, and “I wanted to turn around and lift it up, but I froze.” Still, she feels the performance “went well,” adding, “I’m always a bit pitchy anyways… It’s emotion.”

“I wanted to tell everyone straight away [what the problem was],” Adele tells DeGeneres, because there was “a lot of confusion” about it. She further relates, “I woke up the next morning to people in England being like, ‘We still love you, don’t worry,’ and I was like, ‘I didn’t ask you if you still loved me, but thanks.’ I was so embarrassed.”

Adele then reveals, “I cried pretty much all day [afterwards]… In fairness I would have cried if it went really well, as well. If it was a standout performance, I would have cried as well. I always cry.” She also says she now suffers from stage fright “more than ever,” explaining that the “more successful [she’s become], the more pressure there is,” although she may have finally overcome it because it “can’t get that much worse than the Grammys.”

The superstar singer also tells DeGeneres how she’s more “guarded” these days because of her fame and about a trip to Disneyland she took with her 3-year-old son Angelo the day before. Adele was also a good sport and recorded an outgoing message for DeGeneres’ phone, which played off the singer’s hit “Hello.” The message read, in part, “Hello, it’s me. I was wondering after all these years if you’d leave a message at the beep.”

Check out the videos below of Adele talking about the Grammys and recording a message for DeGeneres’ phone.


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