Adele Did NOT Clean Dishes At Chinese Restaurant, Despite Report

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Adele Chinese Restaurant

By Holly Nicol |

Adele Chinese Restaurant

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Adele did NOT angrily clean her own dishes at a Chinese restaurant because the busboys supposedly never wiped down her table, despite a new ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to National Enquirer, Adele recently got “steamed as a dumpling” at a “crowded Chinese eatery” in Beverly Hills when she and husband Simon Konecki were given a table filled with dirty dishes. A so-called “source” tells the tabloid the “busy staff” made no effort whatsoever to remove the filthy plates from the table, forcing the singer to start “cleaning it herself, stacking dirty dishes and shoving them at bewildered busboys.” The magazine’s seemingly fake insider further contends Adele was mistaken for a “Russian hooker who was in [the restaurant] last week.”

The publication goes on to claim other patrons were “flabbergasted” when the internationally famous singer began “bussing her own table, wiping it down, even setting the table with fresh utensils.” What’s more, alleges the repeatedly disproven outlet, Adele supposedly then yelled at the restaurant’s waiters, “Can we please be seated and get menus?!”

Of course, the tabloid doesn’t mention when this allegedly took place or the name of the Chinese eatery, possibly so that it’s wholly fictitious tale couldn’t be fact-checked. And if it even occurred, would the Enquirer really be the one and only publication to have heard about it? Naturally, Gossip Cop was skeptical of this absurd story about Adele cleaning her own table. Remember, this is the same magazine we busted when it falsely claimed in 2015 that Adele was asked to pose nude for Playboy. Still, Gossip Cop contacted an Adele insider, and we’re assured the report about her wiping down a table at a Chinese restaurant “never happened.”

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Adele cleaned dishes at a Chinese restaurant.

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