Addison Agen “The Voice” Knockouts Video – Watch “Beneath Your Beautiful” Performance

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Addison Agen Voice Knockouts

By Shari Weiss |

Addison Agen Voice Knockouts


Addison Agen gave a rather beautiful performance of “Beneath Your Beautiful” for “The Voice” Knockouts on Monday. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop reported, 16-year-old Agen was one of the steals during “The Voice” Battles. After doing a duet with fellow Team Miley Cyrus artist Karli Webster, the teen was on the verge of being eliminated from the competition until Adam Levine and Jennifer Hudson both pushed their buttons for the steal. Since Levine wanted Agen on his team since her Blind Audition, she chose the Maroon 5 front man to be her new coach.

Now to stay on Team Adam, Agen had to face off with one of her new team mates during the Knockouts. Levine chose to pit her against Dennis Drummond, who was another contestant he had stolen during the Battles. For her solo performance, Agen was advised in rehearsals with key advisor Kelly Clarkson to pick a note to hold out while still being a “songbird.” For Drummond, who was covering “All Along The Watchtower,” he felt his confidence was boosted thanks to Levine’s steal during the last round. The rocker quipped during his impressive rehearsal, “I almost just forgave you for not choosing me to begin with.” But Clarkson wanted him to vary up his notes and voice style.

After Agen’s performance, Levine could be heard telling Cyrus, “That’s special.” But Drummond gave a strong performance, too. Blake Shelton said former artist Drummond is his “boy,” but Agen and her voice “took that.” Jennifer Hudson said her voice has a natural melody, while Cyrus sweetly noted that the teen is still, in her “heart,” on Team Miley. She further called it “amazing” that her performance was “as close to pitch-perfect as you can get.”

With the feedback Agen received for her voice, it was no surprise when Levine picked her as the winner of the Knockout. He even told his fellow coaches afterward, “That girl could win the whole thing.” Check out the videos below!

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