Adam Scott: Taylor Swift Snubbed Me (VIDEO)

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Adam Scott Snubbed Taylor Swift

By Andrew Shuster |

Adam Scott Snubbed Taylor Swift


Adam Scott told Conan O’Brien a funny story about being snubbed by Taylor Swift at one of her concerts. Watch the video below!

During an interview on Monday’s “Conan,” Scott recalled how Swift was nice enough to invite him and his daughters backstage to meet her before one of her shows. Also backstage were Chris Rock and Matt LeBlanc, who were with their own children, and a person who Scott described as a “really great looking dude.”

Scott noted how “some nights [Swift] brings out famous people on stage,” and then explained, “We’re getting ready to leave this little room and see the show. I say hello to Chris Rock and he says, ‘You gonna go on stage?’ And I’m like ‘No, no. I’m not in the famous realm.'” Rock, however, insisted that Scott make an appearance, but the actor maintained, “They didn’t ask me.”

At the point in the concert when Swift introduced celebrity guests, Rock was the first to come out, to which Scott said he thought, “Makes sense, yes. I do not belong on a stage with [him].” Swift the brought out LeBlanc, and Scott said, “This makes sense, too. He was on ‘Friends.'”

Scott, amusingly paraphrasing, then noted that the singer announced, “This guy that was in one of my videos is here.” He explained to hilarious effect, “Then the great looking guy from backstage comes out. And I’m like, ‘Ok, well now this is kinda bullsh*t.'” The actor went on to joke, “I think my kids were kinda like, ‘Uh, daddy. What the f*ck?'”

Maybe Scott’s not so famous after all? Watch the funny video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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