Adam Sandler Got Into Heated Fight With Wife During Family Day Out?

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Adam Sandler Wife Fight

By Andrew Shuster |

Adam Sandler Wife Fight

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Adam Sandler got into a heated fight with his wife Jackie during a family day out? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop has proof to debunk it.

According to Woman’s Day, the actor and his wife were “caught up in a feisty verbal feud” while hanging out in Malibu with their two daughters. A so-called “eyewitness” tells the magazine, “It seemed pretty tense. They were having what looked like a heated conversation. Jackie was waving her arms and standing her ground while Adam was looking away, taking it.”

Another alleged source tells the outlet, “Adam doesn’t protest too much and lets Jackie have her say. That’s the dynamic of their relationship.” The questionable insider adds, “She talks, he listens. When he’s on the set directing he’s boss, but at home he’s a puppy dog.” It should be noted, Sandler has never directed a movie.

Before addressing the supposed fight, Gossip Cop will also point some of the other inaccuracies in the outlet’s article. For starters, the tabloid says the incident occurred “on a break from filming the Netflix comedy Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston.” Murder Mystery wrapped filming in August. In fact, Sandler shared an Instagram photo to mark the last day of shooting on the movie.

Additionally, the alleged altercation described by the magazine is said to have occurred on September 4 in Malibu. Video from the outing, however, shows that Sandler, his wife and kids were riding bikes in the Pacific Palisades, which is located about 16 miles east of Malibu. The magazine’s supposed “eyewitness,” who the outlet says was on hand during the incident, didn’t even get the town right.

Regardless, there’s video proof that the magazine’s story is bogus. The link above shows the family stopped by the side of the road as Sandler has a discussion with his wife and daughters. Contrary to what the magazine says, it’s the comedian who is seen waving his arms around. Only, it’s not at all in an aggressive manner. He’s simply having an animated discussion with his family and appears to be conveying something to them using hand gestures. At no point in the video does Sandler’s wife “scold” him or get angry.

Later in the video, the happy family continues riding their bikes down the street, while Sandler and his wife can both be seen with smiles on their faces. Unfortunately for Woman’s Day and its seemingly imaginary “eyewitness,” there’s footage disproving that any fight took place.

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Adam Sandler got into a heated fight with his wife during a family day out.


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