Adam Sandler Netflix Movie “Ridiculous 6” Trailer Debuts – WATCH!

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Sandler Ridiculous 6 Trailer

By Andrew Shuster |

Sandler Ridiculous 6 Trailer


Adam Sandler’s upcoming Netflix movie The Ridiculous 6 has just debuted its first trailer. Watch the new preview below!

The western comedy is the comedian’s first movie in a four-picture deal he made with the streaming service. A spoof of The Magnificent Seven, Sandler stars as Tommy “White Knife” Stockburn, a man who was was raised by a Native American tribe. When his estranged outlaw father returns, Sandler’s character goes on a journey across the Old West with his five half-brothers.

The other “ridiculous” members of the posse are played by Rob Schneider, Taylor Lautner, Luke Wilson, Terry Crews and Jorge Garcia. The film’s all-star cast also includes Steve Buscemi, David Spade, Harvey Keitel, John Turturro, Blake Shelton, Will Forte, and many more. The trailer features all of the slapstick hijinks one has come to expect from a Sandler movie, although this one has more action and gunplay than his typical comedies.

As Gossip Cop reported, the movie caused a major controversy back in April when several Native American actors walked off set due to jokes in the screenplay that they deemed offensive. Netflix later came to the Sandler’s defense, explaining that the film was a “satire,” and the comedian himself described the situation as a “misunderstanding.”

The Ridiculous 6 will be available to stream on Netflix on December 11. Watch the first trailer below, and tell Gossip Cop if you’re looking forward to Sandler’s new movie.


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