Adam Sandler “Good Morning America” Video: Watch “Sandy Wexler” Interview!

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Adam Sandler Good Morning America Sandy Wexler

By Holly Nicol |

Adam Sandler Good Morning America Sandy Wexler


Adam Sandler appeared on Thursday’s “Good Morning America,” where he spoke about his new Netflix movie, Sandy Wexler. Watch the full “GMA” interview below!

Before Sandler discussed his upcoming film, the “GMA” hosts asked Sandler which of his movies people quote back to him in public the most. “When I’m around my kids’ friends, they talk about Hotel Transylvania. I have to do Dracula a lot,” Sandler joked. “My older movies, Billy Madison and stuff like that, I hear those.”

Sandler went on to talk about about his role in the new Netflix original film, Sandy Wexler, which is loosely based on the life and career of his real manager, Sandy Wernick. He noted that while “the voice I do and some of the moves I do are similar to Sandy Wernick,” as opposed as to his real manager, Sandler plays “a manager in the ’90s who has a client list that’s not very talented.” “Then I meet Jennifer Hudson at Magic Mountain. I see her singing and she becomes my biggest client. She becomes a superstar,” Sandler said while explaining the film’s plot.

Watch the full interview below in which the “GMA” hosts also reveal a throwback photo of Sandler as a teenager when he was voted “Class Clown.”

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