Adam Sandler Trying To Turn Daughters Into Stars And His Wife Is Upset?

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Adam Sandler Daughters Wife

By Andrew Shuster |

Adam Sandler Daughters Wife

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A tabloid claims Adam Sandler is trying to turn his daughters Sadie, 13, and Sunny, 10, into stars and his wife Jackie is upset about it. The story completely untrue. Gossip Cop can debunk it.

“Adam’s Stage-Dad Dreams” reads a headline in the latest issue of OK! According to the outlet, the comedy star wants his young girls to follow in his footsteps. A so-called “friend” of Sandler tells the magazine, “For Adam, being in his 50s and accomplishing so much as an actor and performer, having another hit movie or sold-out concert, it’s like, ‘Been there, done that.’ The girls are talented, and Adam wants to be the one who shepherds them through their careers as they get older.”

From there, the anonymous source says Sandler’s wife is “worried” about her daughters going into show business and has been trying to put a stop to it, despite her husband’s efforts. For the time being, “she begrudgingly goes along with it,” says the seemingly nonexistent insider, who adds that Jackie is more concerned with making sure the girls “get their homework done.”

The tabloid’s report is simply fabricated. Here’s what’s really happening: Earlier this month, Sandler and his daughters performed a cover of Taylor Swift’s song “Lover” at a charity fundraiser. The sweet moment went viral and was considered one of the highlights of the charity event. OK! is arbitrarily turning the situation into some sort of drama involving Sandler attempting to turn his daughters into child stars, and his wife being unhappy about it. That’s just not the case.

Despite what the tabloid’s anonymous source claims, Gossip Cop reached out to Sandler’s spokesperson, who dismissed the article as “crazy.” The actor’s rep tells us, “They did the singing for charity and his wife was there.” The idea that Sandler and his wife are battling over his “dreams” of child stardom is baseless.

It should be noted, Sandler told Us Weekly earlier this month that he supports his daughters’ interest in performing, but also noted that he lets them on stage at their own request. “They see daddy up there and they’re like, ‘Can I try that?’ So I say, ‘Get on up there,'” said Sandler, adding that he’ll always “back them up” when it comes to pursuing what interests them. The comedy star isn’t forcing his young girls into the spotlight, nor does he have some sort of master plan to turn them into stars.

Gossip Cop should also mention, when OK! isn’t busy trying to create a rift between Sandler and his wife, the magazine attempts to pit him against his famous friends. Just last month, Gossip Cop busted the outlet for falsely claiming Sandler was refusing to appear on David Spade’s new talk show. The tabloid has zero insight into the actor’s relationships with anyone in his life.


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