Adam Pearce, Whitney Fenimore “The Voice” Battle Video – Watch “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around” Performance

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Adam Pearce Whitney Fenimore Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Adam Pearce Whitney Fenimore Voice Battle Video


Adam Pearce and Whitney Fenimore both gave worthy performances during “The Voice” Battles on Monday. As such, one of them was appropriately stolen. Watch the video below!

For the second phase of the NBC competition, artists on the same team have to sing a duet, but only one can be named the winner and get to advance to the next round. Pearce and Fenimore are both members of Team Adam. For their face-off, Adam Levine chose Tom Perry and Stevie Nicks’ “Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.” The performance was filmed weeks before Petty died earlier this month at the age of 66.

For added mentorship, Levine enlisted Joe Jonas as his special guest adviser. During rehearsal, Fenimore was star-struck by the DNCE frontman, and marveled over Pearce, “I don’t know if I’ve heard a guy sing as high as him… He definitely has that rocker over me.” For his part, Pearce, who turned no chairs last season, observed that in addition to his partner/rival’s voice, “She’s a phenomenal guitarist as well. It’s a little scary to be battling against her, to be honest.” Levine said, “My little rock and rollers, really good singers. I’m a little sad they’re together.” And Jonas even admitted, “I can’t pick a favorite between the two… Those two floored me. I’d go see their concert anytime.”

Both played the guitar as they performed, with Blake Shelton praising Pearce’s “rock and roll voice.” But his vote went to Fenimore, though he added, “Nobody won or lost there. You both did so great.” Jennifer Hudson similarly said Pearce has a “rocky edge that can’t be missed,” but she was enamored by Fenimore’s “presence,” giving her her vote. Miley Cyrus felt like she was in a tie-breaker position, and said, “I think Adam would be really fun to watch in the Lives, so that’s who I would go with.”

“This is really tough because where I might’ve been leaning in Adam’s direction initially,” Levine said, Fenimore “really surprised me.” Still, though he’d “fallen in love” with both artists, ultimately, Levine named Pearce as the Battle’s winner. But Cyrus went for the steal with Fenimore and Shelton immediately followed for a “double steal.” You can guess which coach Levine was campaigning for. Fenimore took his advice and chose to join Team Miley. Check out the video below!

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