Adam Levine, Behati Prinsloo Having Marriage Problems Over His ‘Dark Moods’?

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By Griffin Matis |


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A tabloid has concocted a fictional story about Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s relationship, claiming their five-year marriage is in trouble over the singer’s “dark moods.” Gossip Cop looked into the situation. It’s totally false.

According to Star, Levine has become a “total nightmare” to be around and it’s driving his wife away. The tabloid goes so low as to blame the death of longtime manager Jordan Feldstein for the supposed marital woes. “Behati tried her best to help him through his grief, but the whole thing was an awful shock to his system,” a supposed source tells the outlet.

The magazine further contends that Levine has been in a funk over his career, specifically referencing Maroon 5’s Super Bowl LIII halftime show in February. “He’s a very proud guy, so when he was roasted for the Super Bowl appearance, he took it to heart,” says the alleged tipster. The outlet also maintains that Levine’s exit from The Voice was based on “difficult negotiations” and was the latest in a series of “consecutive lows.”

The “source” goes on to say that Prinsloo has “suffered almost as much as he has from the latest lows in his life. She hoped that when he came out of it, he’d focus more attention on her, but so far, no dice.” As a whole, this piece is just a cruel attempt to string together some of the major events in Levine’s life to disparage him and exploit a tragedy.

Feldstein died in December 2017, more than a year before Maroon 5’s Super Bowl performance and a year and a half before Levine departed from The Voice. But as Levine told Variety in November 2018 when discussing the loss of Feldstein, “We built this together, and it will never be complete without him. But at the same time, we know he wants us to keep trucking.” Those aren’t the words of someone broken by grief, and it’s insulting to Feldstein’s memory to imply Levine is ready to give up.

As far as the Super Bowl performance, Levine addressed it in an interview with Entertainment Tonight  in January. “I am not in the right profession if I can’t handle a bit of controversy,” he said. “It is what it is. We would like to move on from it and speak through the music.”

Gossip Cop also isn’t sure how Levine’s career could “be in turmoil” when he’s voluntarily taking time off from The Voice to spend time with his family. “It was time to move on,” Levine said in an Instagram post describing his experiences on the show. And that makes sense — 16 seasons is a lot of work, and he’s certainly not the first host to step away from the big red chair.

Christina Aguleira also left the show suddenly, and she used similar language to describe her reasoning. After so much time and energy spent on one project, it can grow tiring. It’s totally fair for stars to want to expand their horizons and focus their energies elsewhere. If Levine thought his career was fading, he probably wouldn’t withdraw from the biggest part of his non-musical career.

It was also clearly his decision, as E! News reported that NBC had already advertised that Levine was returning. If it had been due to negotiations, NBC would not have given up that bargaining chip. Even co-hosts Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson weren’t aware of his departure until the night before it was announced on the Today show.

Furthermore, the supermodel is actually ecstatic to be spending more time with her husband. In an interview on the Today show, Prinsloo said it was “good news for me, good news for the kids” when he announced he would be leaving The Voice. “He’s excited to get home and have nothing to do for the first time,” she laughed.

Additionally, Levine and Prinsloo celebrated their fifth anniversary in July with a trip to Mexico. Nothing on either’s social media pages seems to indicate any “dark moods” or “friction” whatsoever. In fact, Prinsloo shared two separate Instagram posts to celebrate the couple’s five-year anniversary last month, one of which said, “Best 5 years!”


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