Adam Levine “Avoiding” “The Voice” Contestant Amy Vachal Because Of “Sexual Tension”?

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Adam Levine Avoiding Amy Vachal The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

Adam Levine Avoiding Amy Vachal The Voice

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Adam Levine is NOT “avoiding” “The Voice” contestant Amy Vachal because of supposed “sexual tension,” despite a tabloid report about his alleged “shady behavior.” Gossip Cop can debunk the nonsense.

According to this week’s OK!, people at “The Voice” set are “buzzing” over Levine’s treatment of Vachal, as “their interactions turned cool” after he saved her from elimination last month. “No one can figure out if they’ve had an argument or if he’s trying to skirt some sexual tension,” claims a so-called “insider,” who further alleges Levine “has been avoiding physical contact with Amy.”

As supposed proof, the magazine points to Levine not hugging Vachal after she was declared safe on an episode two weeks ago. Of course, OK! conveniently fails to mention how the coach and artist spend a significant amount of time together in professional rehearsals, and that they’ve both credited the other for Vachal’s imaginative interpretations of songs. Both those points go against the outlet’s cold shoulder theory.

What’s worse is that OK! has put Levine in a catch-22 position. By portraying him as suddenly aloof, the singer looks like a jerk. But by suggesting there’s sexual tension, he seems like a cad. Neither is remotely true.

In fact, if he was hugging Vachal all the time, we have no doubt the tabloid would claim he’s too attentive. There’s no way to win here when an outlet is intent on misrepresenting a situation. Vachal was actually voted off during “The Voice” results show on Tuesday, as Gossip Cop reported. And no, that had nothing to do with Levine.

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Adam Levine is avoiding “The Voice” contestant Amy Vachal because of sexual tension.


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