Adam Driver Won’t Watch Himself On Screen Except For ‘Star Wars’ – LISTEN

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Adam Driver Howard Stern Show

By Andrew Shuster |

Adam Driver Howard Stern Show

(Howard Stern Show)

Adam Driver revealed on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show” that he won’t watch any of the movies or TV shows he’s in, but made an exception for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens.” Listen to the interview below!

Stern asked Driver, “When you first watched the pilot for ‘Girls,’ you said, ‘I will never watch myself again in anything.’ Why did you say that?” The actor explained, “Because I saw all the mistakes. The things that I wished I could change, but I couldn’t because it’s permanent.”

Driver made an exception, however, for the highly-anticipated new Star Wars movie, in which he plays a villain. “I watched it last week,” Driver admitted to the radio host. “Why ‘Star Wars’?” said Stern. Driver reasoned, “Because we did so much work on it… It kind of seemed like I should just try getting over it.” He added, “And it’s ‘Star Wars.’ I can’t literally believe that I was in it.”

Driver noted that he watched the movie in a small screening room alongside Daisy Ridley, the film’s lead actress, and Carrie Fisher, who reprises her role as Princess Leia.

When Stern asked Driver if he was “pleased or critical” of his performance, the actor acknowledged he was critical. The radio show’s co-host Robin Quivers then questioned, “Was it painful to watch?” to which Driver gave an emphatic, “Yeah.” Listen below to Driver’s interview on “Howard Stern,” and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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