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Gossip Cop was created to police the gossip industry. Launched in July 2009, it is the go-to destination for the most accurate and credible celebrity news. Every day the site’s team diligently works to separate fact from fiction. Gossip Cop currently monitors more than 200 websites, TV shows, newspapers and magazines. We’re the only site that fact-checks entertainment reporting and proud to have been at the forefront of debunking “fake news.” Gossip Cop is a member of the International Fact-Checking Network and participated in 2017’s Global Fact 4 conference in Madrid.


Michael Lewittes is the site’s creator, founder and “Top Cop.” A reformed gossip columnist who knows the industry inside and out, over the past 25 years Lewittes has been an “Access Hollywood” producer, the news director for Us Weekly, an editor at The New York Post, and a columnist for the New York Daily News. A graduate of Yale College, Michael was also a correspondent on E! and still regularly appears on a variety of TV shows as a celebrity commentator.

Shari Weiss is the Deputy Editor of Gossip Cop. She previously served as the site’s Associate Editor, as well as the Associate Multimedia Editor and Associate Multimedia Producer at the New York Daily News. Shari has also interned at the Chicago Tribune, Seventeen, People and Soap Opera Weekly. She graduated with a bachelor of science in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Andrew Shuster is an Associate Editor at Gossip Cop. He previously served as a freelance writer for the websites,, and, as well as contributed to Universal Pictures’ Tumblr page. Andrew graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in communications and media studies from Northeastern University.

Holly Nicol is a reporter at Gossip Cop. She started out as an intern at the site before being promoted. An English Literature major, Holly is a recent graduate of Leeds Beckett University in Leeds, England.

Dan Abrams is a co-founder of Gossip Cop. A graduate of Columbia Law School, Dan serves as the chief legal affairs anchor for ABC News. Prior to that, Dan was the co-anchor of “Nightline.” He also owns the sites,, and, which have no affiliation with Gossip Cop.


Gossip Cop vigorously fact-checks every story. No particular outlet or media organization is targeted by us. We are an equal opportunity debunker, and have corrected everyone from the New York Times to the National Enquirer. Regardless of the outlet, we reach out to as many sources as possible who have a connection to the subject of the article and begin fact-checking from there. We leave no stone unturned when investigating claims.

While many outlets under our surveillance are fairly accurate, there are a number of magazines and websites that often churn out fabricated articles and/or fake news stories. When a report is published or posted elsewhere, we reach out to everyone who may have information about a particular subject and/or celebrity. If a story involves two or more parties, we make sure to contact every side.

Often, we work with the stars themselves, as well as their representation, which includes their managers, agents and publicists. Gossip Cop also has strong ties to many people in TV and film production. And for certain articles, we contact individuals in law enforcement and/or the court system. Once we have gathered all our information, we make a determination as to whether the story we investigated is fact or fiction.

Occasionally, there are elements of truth to inaccurate reports, as well as some falsehoods within mostly on-target stories. As a result, our meter on the left of each fact-checked article receives a numerical rating. A 0 means the story is completely wrong or made-up, while a 10 means it is entirely factual. This is the standard we have employed since our launch, and it serves to this day as an easy and understandable visual guide for our readers.

Sometimes an online or published report is fact-checked by one Gossip Cop staffer, but more often than not a few reporters attack a story from many different angles. Occasionally, we’ll quote people by name, while at other times we’ll cite unnamed sources. And while ideally we would have everyone talk on-the-record and provide more transparency when it comes to our sources, because we work daily with high-profile people in the entertainment industry, we often cannot have these household names or executives quoted in our articles.

With the distinct position of being the one and only website that fact-checks celebrity news comes great responsibility. And we take it very seriously. Gossip Cop works doubly hard to make sure we have the facts, especially since we’re the outlet visitors and other media organizations are looking to for accurate celebrity news, as well as to see what is inaccurate and fake news.

In an effort not to be “spun,” we have, for lack of a better phrase, a “social contract” with the stars, the reps and many others with whom we work. Simply, if you lie to Gossip Cop, we won’t work with you again, no matter how damaging or embarrassing another outlet’s next story may be. It’s our “insurance policy,” if you will. As a result, we have found this has led to an unique openness both on the record and on background. Unlike several other outlets, because our confidential sources are our proverbial “bread and butter,” the public cannot replicate our fact-checks, which is why there’s only one Gossip Cop.

Gossip Cop has no affiliation with any political parties, advocacy groups, media organizations, TV or movie studios, or celebrity management, public relations or talent agencies. The company is independently owned and acts accordingly. Our employees are prohibited from accepting any money or services from individuals or organizations with whom we work. Additionally, we are not funded nor supported by any outside companies. Gossip Cop operates strictly on the revenue it generates from third-party advertising networks.

To contact us about a tip, correction, or legal matter, please visit our contacts page.

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