Abby Lee Miller Cleared Of Assault After Paige Hyland’s “Dance Moms” Lawsuit Dismissed

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Abby Lee Miller Assault Lawsuit Dismissed

By Shari Weiss |

Abby Lee Miller Assault Lawsuit Dismissed

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Abby Lee Miller has been cleared of assault after a lawsuit filed by “Dance Moms” performer Paige Hyland was dismissed.

As Gossip Cop reported, 13-year-old Hyland sued Miller last October, alleging she was subjected to abuse while participating in the hit Lifetime show. The legal documents specifically accused Miller of throwing a chair at Hyland, prompting her “to run from the room terrified as she feared she would be physically injured by Miller.” It was also claimed the teen “feared she would be physically injured because she had observed Miller physically batter other people on the show including physically pushing [mother] Kelly Hyland’s face, pinching another student until she bled and violently grabbing another student by the arm.”

The paperwork further alleged Miller was getting “paid to be abusive and bullying to her students and provoke arguments with the mothers in front of the children,” and was routinely verbally abusive during excessively long work hours “for the sake of drama during the show.” Hyland claimed to be suffering from panic attacks and anxiety as a result, and was seeking civil penalties, as well as economic, punitive, and special damages in excess of $25,000.

But after reviewing footage of the chair-tossing incident, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Ruth Kwan ruled that there was no evidence of any assault, or any proof that Hyland had a legitimate fear being harmed. Hyland’s attorney says they are considering an appeal. Meanwhile, a previous lawsuit filed by Hyland’s mom Kelly will continue to move forward.

As Gossip Cop previously noted, Kelly filed her own $5 million suit against Miller on behalf of herself and her two daughters, alleging breach of contract, assault, defamation, and emotional distress. While the defamation count was thrown out earlier this year (though it may be appealed), the rest of the claims are still pending. TELL US: What do you think of the judge ruling Miller did not abuse Hyland?


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