Aaron Carter Refuses To Back Down On Donald Trump Support, Despite Death Threats — WATCH VIDEO

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Aaron Carter Death Threats Donald Trump Video

By Shari Weiss |

Aaron Carter Death Threats Donald Trump Video

(Where Are They Now)

Aaron Carter says he’s been getting death threats for supporting Donald Trump, but he’s refusing to back down. Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the singer caused a stir on social media on Saturday when he expressed support for Trump’s presidential run. Carter was immediately hit with a backlash on Twitter, leading him to clarify that while he doesn’t agree with all of the GOP frontrunner’s positions, he would like to see the mogul become president because of his business acumen. In a new video interview, Carter details the threats he’s since received, and defiantly fires back at the unnamed attackers.

“I’ve never been political before, and when I decided to tweet I’m gonna vote for Donald Trump, I did not consider or think of anyone’s reaction because it’s my opinion, not yours,” Carter says in a taped interview for Oprah’s “Where Are They Now” website. “I’ve had fans send me death threats, tell me people were going to shoot me, stab me with needles at my show. You know, that they were coming to get me, you know, all over me [for] saying I’d vote for Donald Trump.”

The former child star then says directly into the camera, “But I don’t care ’cause you ain’t going to do nothing to me. ‘Cause you just talking. ‘Cause if you get in front of my face, just like everybody else did [the other day], I will either put you in your place or we can agree to disagree, and you can go away.”

Carter goes on to say, “I appreciate Donald Trump’s sense of business. Do I support the LGBT community — gay marriage — being banned? No. Do I think that a wall should be built? No. Do I feel like Donald Trump will make America great again? Absolutely I do.”

“And I don’t need people freakin’ bullying me around and giving me death threats,” says Carter. He later adds, “I know what I’m talking about… Those are my views. They’re my own, but I’m not gonna shut up.” Check out the video below.


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