#9MonthsWithoutZayn: Fans Mark Nine Months Since Zayn Malik Left One Direction

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Zayn Malik Nine Months

By Michael Lewittes |

Zayn Malik Nine Months

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Zayn Malik left One Direction nine months ago, but his fans are still mourning his departure. The hashtag #9MonthsWithoutZayn is trending on Twitter onFriday, following the same pattern as #8MonthsWithoutZayn trending in November and #7MonthsWithoutZayn trending in October, and every month before that since he quit the group.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Malik left the boy band on March 25. Directioners have since been commemorating that day on the 25th of each month, but the trend is now starting to received mixed reactions. With nine months to reflect on Malik departing One Direction, some fans believe it’s time to move on.

“Yall do this every month. he aint dead he just left. no need to act like you’re visiting his memorial,” wrote one fan. Another chimed in by tweeting, “Zayn is finally happy and free, he’s gonna release his own music and y’all acting like he’s dead since march 25th.” Others simply wished Malik the best, with one individual writing, “All that matters is that he is really happy now.” Another Directioner echored that sentiment by tweeting, “We support you in everything already that gave us joy together with the other boys!” But others aren’t ready to let go yet, with one fan posting, “9 months doesn’t change the fact that he’s still in my mind every signle day.”

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