#6MonthsWithoutZayn: One Direction Fans Continue To Mourn Zayn Malik Quitting

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6MonthsWithoutZaynMaik Zayn malik One Direction

By Shari Weiss |

6MonthsWithoutZaynMaik Zayn malik One Direction

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Friday is September 25, and all One Direction fans know what that means. It’s #6MonthsWithoutZayn.

It’s been exactly half a year since Zayn Malik shocked fans, disrupted the music industry, and nearly broke the Internet with the announcement he was quitting one of the world’s most successful bands. In the months since, Gossip Cop has debunked false rumors wrongly claiming an imminent return to the group. In fact, he’s instead signed a solo record deal with Interscope, and One Direction has gone on without him.

But it’s not so easy for Directioners to move on. After all, with the band being a product of “The X Factor,” they literally saw One Direction come together before their very eyes, and have spent countless time over the last five years dedicated to each member’s every move. It’s no wonder some fans are still grieving.

“4 in our eyes. But 5 in our hearts,” one fan tweeted with the hashtag on Friday morning. A different individual even posted photos representing the fandom’s journey (see below). And another stated, “Still waiting for you to come home even though I know that you won’t change your mind.”

That one seems to be in response to a message Malik himself posted on Thursday. “I don’t want you to wait for me, I’m not coming home,” he tweeted along with a “peace out” emoji. Interestingly, the tweet has since been deleted.

And though One Direction has continued to meet success since Malik’s departure, the real test for the group and fans alike is still to come. The first album without him, Made In The A.M., will be released in November. It remains to be seen how the record will be received TELL US: What do you think of fans continuing to mourn Malik’s absence?


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