#6YearsOf1D: One Direction Fans Celebrate Sixth Anniversary

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One Direction Anniversary 2016

By Shari Weiss |

One Direction Anniversary 2016

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One Direction fans are celebrating the group’s sixth anniversary with “#6YearsOf1D.” On Saturday morning, the hashtag became the top trending topic on Twitter both worldwide and in the United States.

On July 23, 2010 One Direction officially formed on “The X Factor UK.” Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik all auditioned for the music competition individually. On the verge of elimination, Simon Cowell and the judges decided to put them together to make a group.

They ended up finishing in third place, but went on to become one of the most successful music acts of all time. But, a lot has changed. Malik left the group last year, and the rest of the guys are currently on hiatus. And this year’s anniversary comes just a few days after Payne announced he signed a solo record deal.

Tomlinson, though, recorded a video message for fans, saying, “I just wanted to film a little message to say thank you because you guys are incredible. Your continued support is remarkable, really, and every single one of you had a hand in changing our lives, and I hope you’re as proud as we are.” Styles also tweeted, “Six years. I have no idea how to say thank you for all your support. For everything you are, and everything you’ve done, thank you. H”

Now Directioners on social media are paying tribute to their favorite artists. @EquipeLiamPayne tweeted to the guys, “Thank you @Real_Liam_Payne @Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson and @zaynmalik for everything!” @1DDailyUpdxtes said, “Thank you to four boys who changed my life in more ways than I could’ve imagined..”

@radicallynjh commented, “through thick and thin they have stood by us and we will stand by them till the end.” @ItsKhuram noted, “6 years of craziness 6 years of happiness 6 years of sadness 6 years of laughter 6 years of love #6Yearsof1D #Love.” @VMiguelG posted, “Zayn will always be part of One Direction. Never forget about him. #6yearsof1D.” And @NiallMyDrx declared, “WHEN I’M 89 I’M STILL GONNA BE LOVING 1D AND GONNA BE ARGUING WITH PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY AREN’T GOOD ARTISTS.”

To also celebrate the anniversary, One Direction’s official Twitter account is having a “party” with a Spotify play list. Check out Tomlinson’s video below. UPDATE: One Direction Thank Fans On Sixth Anniversary!

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